Top 10 Best Movies on Netflix Right Now

Movies on Netflix

Before starting this blog I want to ask each reader who is going to read this post, do you know the time of cable TV when we used to watch lots of movies at the very cheapest monthly cost? If you are one of them, you are lucky to have had such a memorable time. 

But don’t worry I know all of us now using Netflix to entertain ourselves in 2024. Netflix has endless movies to watch this year. Between the endless browsing and auto-playing trailers, spending more time choosing a movie is easier than actually watching one. That’s why I put together this list of the 10 best movies on Netflix.

These films were selected based on their critical acclaim, viewer ratings, and personal favorites of mine after countless nights of scrolling. Whether you’re in the mood for an action blockbuster, emotional drama, or lighthearted comedy, this list has you covered for your next Netflix marathon.

So grab some snacks, get comfortable, and settle in for one of these top-rated flicks that are sure to entertain and move you. Let’s get streaming!

Must Watch Movies On Netflix This Year

  1. Sir (2023)

Balu is a young lecturer who loves teaching. He gets a job at a big private college run by Tripathi. Tripathi only cares about money, not education. He asks Balu and others to run a poor government college.

The goal is to show private colleges help government ones. But Balu treats all students like his own children. He works hard to improve the government college. Soon, these students start doing better than the private college!

Tripathi gets angry. He believes private colleges should always be best. But Balu rightly thinks all colleges must focus on learning, not profits.

In the end, Balu fights for the rights of the government college students. Will he make Tripathi understand education is for all? The movie shows how a good teacher can change the future of poor children through dedication.

  1. LEO (2023)

Vijay’s new movie “Leo” is all set for a big release. It will play in many screens worldwide, making it Tamil cinema’s widest release ever.

Fans in other countries also want to see the film. In Bangladesh, people were asking the movie so much that it will release there – the first ever Tamil film in Bangladesh!

The producer said a distributor from Bangladesh requested for the movie due to huge fan demand. It will be released in Tamil and Hindi versions.

In “Leo,” Vijay plays a former gangster now living peacefully with his family. But his criminal past comes back to haunt him. Made by a big team, the film is sure to be full of action and mass moments for Vijay’s fans worldwide awaiting the movie with huge excitement!

  1. JAWAN (2023)

Shah Rukh Khan plays Azad Rathore, a prison officer. His father was a soldier falsely accused. He promises his mother to clear his name and fight for justice.

Azad forms a secret team of women prisoners after they complete their sentences. This includes Lakshmi, Eeram, Ishkra, Kalki and others.

Together they work as vigilantes, helping common people who don’t get justice. They take the law into their own hands.

But their actions are challenged by cops Narmada and her senior. An international weapons dealer Kaali Gaikwad also opposes them.

It is a thrilling tale of one man’s fight against injustice and corruption. Shah Rukh Khan fights for a cause with a powerful team of women. Fans will love to see King Khan in this new action avatar.

  1. Suryavanshi (2018)

Gather round friends, I have a thrilling tale to share. It’s about the new film of our mighty hero Akshay Kumar called Veer Sooryavanshi. In this movie, he plays a brave police officer fighting crime in Mumbai.

We finally got to see it after waiting almost two years! And what a delight it was. Director Rohit Shetty filled it with breathtaking fights and explosions like his other police films. Akshay showed us his skill and bravery in many action scenes.

But the most spectacular part was when his old friends Singham and Simmba, played by Ajay and Ranveen, joined him for the final battle. Cars flew, fists flew, it was simply magnificent. They worked together with perfect teamwork. What a way to end the film with a grand celebration of our heroic police stars! I tell you, it had me at the edge of my seat the whole time!

  1. Kantara (2022)

The movie Kantara is about a tribal community living in the forest. They believe the forest god protects them. The story shows their problems with forest officers over collecting plants and hunting.

It asks if tribes who lived in the forest for a long time should get permission from the government to use it. The movie also shows real issues tribes face over land rights.

As the story goes on, police and tribes start fighting over claims on forest land. But later they realize they both want to protect the forest. The movie ends beautifully by showing the forest god passing the duty of protecting tribes to the police.

This movie tells an interesting story. It was also very popular all over India even though it was made with a small budget. This shows how good ideas can succeed in our big and diverse country. The success of Kantara tells the story of change in Indian markets.

  1. Dasara (2023)

The movie Dasara is set in 1990s in a village in Andhra Pradesh. The story shows childhood friends Dharani, Suri and Vennela. Dharani and Suri both love Vennela.

Dharani sacrifices his love for his good friend Suri. But he becomes sad and drinks alcohol. Bad men want to hurt Vennela and Dharani.

Tragedy happens which makes them very sad. Dharani transforms from weak to strong when drunk. He fights for justice.

Nani acts very well as the troubled Dharani. Keerthy Suresh is amazing as the loved Vennela. Their friendship and romantic conflicts are highlights.

The movie reminds us of other popular films. But Nani and Keerthy’s performances, music and action scenes entertain people. It tells an engaging story about friendship, love and standing up against wrong things.

  1. RRR (2022)

The new Indian film ‘RRR’ directed by S.S. Rajamouli is a complete thrill ride from start to finish. Packed with high-octane action scenes and vibrant song-and-dance numbers, this period epic starring Tollywood stars NTR and Ram Charan keeps audiences on the edge of their seats for its entire 3-hour runtime.

Set in the 1920s against the backdrop of the Indian independence struggle, the film follows two revolutionaries – Komaram Bheem and Alluri Sitarama Raju – as they fight bravely against the cruel British regime. colorfully depicting their valiant journey. With its massively mounted scenes and larger-than-life heroism of the protagonists, ‘RRR’ has struck a chord with moviegoers worldwide since releasing this summer.

Both a box office smash in India and popular on Netflix, ‘RRR’ is now being talked about as a potential Oscar contender. It’s easy to see why with its rousing, enveloping storytelling.

  1. Bahubali 2 (2017)

is an exciting Indian action film set in an ancient kingdom. The story follows two cousins – Amarendra Baahubali and Bhalla – who both claim right to the throne. Baahubali is a mighty warrior who protects the people, while Bhalla’s jealousy is manipulated by his father to turn against his cousin.

The film is full of breathtaking action scenes as the heroes fight epic battles. It also shows the political turmoil within the royal family. Baahubali tries to remain just and kind, even as deception and betrayal surround him. His devoted wife Devasena and mother Sivagami both support him strongly.

What makes this film great is how it deals with complex human emotions amidst the large-scale spectacle. Good people are not completely good or bad, as even small weaknesses can be exploited. Baahubali emerges as a heroic yet fully human character who must continually make difficult choices for his kingdom and family.

  1. Conjuring Kannappan (2023)

Kannappan was struggling to find a job despite trying hard. He loved playing games and wanted to make it his career. However, he had no luck. One day, he advised a boy to spend money on games. The boy’s uncle Devil, a goon, demanded Kannappan pay back 10 lakh rupees.

Worried about the threat, Kannappan found an old dream catcher in a well. Curiosity made him pluck a feather. That night, he got trapped in a scary recurring dream in a haunted palace. Kannappan realized it was no normal dream. The dream catcher was cursed and transported whoever plucked its feather into the same dream world.

In panic, Kannappan sought help from expert Ezhumalai. But accidentally, his family and others also plucked feathers and got stuck in the dream.

Now they had to rely on Ezhumalai’s research to find a way to break the curse and escape the nightmare haunting them every time they slept.

  1. Devil (2023)

Kalyan Ram plays a secret agent named Devil, who is working undercover for the British during the time of Indian independence. He is sent to investigate the murder of a local Zamindar’s daughter in the coastal town of Rasapadu.

Devil begins looking into the various suspects in the case. These include the Zamindar’s other family members who are introduced quickly without much context. Devil suspects there is more to the murder than just a regular crime.

At the same time, Subhash Chandra Bose’s Indian National Army is working to free India from British rule. They have double agents operating behind enemy lines. Devil starts to realize there may be spies and traitors involved related to Bose’s movement.

The story struggles to establish the characters and their connections to each other or motives. Devil’s investigation doesn’t pull the audience in right away either. It aims to be a historical spy thriller but takes time finding its footing amongst the many plotted elements.

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